That’s not DNA

In Uncategorized on August 14, 2010 at 9:52 pm

The spiral noodle is an enigma.  One can barely handle the flavor or your standard box of mac and cheese with it’s tube noodles.  It is a torment.  A form of suffering.  Something that requires five stages of grief to get over.

But you twist the noodle.  Turn it into a double helix of yeasty goodness, and suddenly what was once a trial becomes something beautiful.  The spiral noodle vaults the standard form of mac and cheese into an ecclesiastical experience.  One has to wonder, is there magic trapped in that shape?  Is there some form of the fantastic built into it?  The infinite?  Like pi?  Or is there really just something terrible about the standard tube noodle?

I mean the word “tube” is kind of awful. I mean, try saying it. 

Tube.  Tube.  Tube.

I feel kind of dirty now.

Whatever the case may be, the power of the spiral noodle makes it a very desired commodity in the poaching market.  This is why when I go on the hunt, I keep a special eye out for that spun gold.  I lay in wait, amongst the marinara sauce.  Waiting.  Waiting.

And then I strike.

Spiral noodles.  Your secret will be mine.

P.S. Tube.

P.S. heh.

  1. Oh I know the secret….

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