See, that watch is a tattoo. Ironic, right?

In Uncategorized on August 17, 2010 at 4:15 am

Somewhere I missed a memo.  I can’t say that.  Who passes memos any more?

Terrorists!  That’s who!

Good Americans send e-mails and twitters and the occasional message on Facebook. (Be careful fb…obscurity is coming for you.  Oh, it is.  Lurking in the shadows.  Growing stronger every time a pre-teen says, “Facebook?  What are you…in college?  Oldy McOlderton?)

However it happened,  it did happen.  My understanding of how and when one goes to a show are completely out of date.  I’m attending theater like someone from the Nineteen-Nineties!

I’m in behavioral flannel!  BEHAVIORAL FLANNEL!!!

So, when I see that a show has an advertised time of seven thirty, I have the silly and out dated idea that seven thirty is the time when the show starts.

I know.  I am soooooooooooooo old.

Apparently, everyone else in Brooklyn knows that an advertised seven thirty time means, walk in apathetically at eight o’clock, buy a microbrew, and stand in the back looking slightly put out, like your parents made you go to this damn underground comedy show.

Why does no one tell me these things?!

If you all told me this shit, I wouldn’t be yelling at Kristen Schaal.

“Hey!  I’m here to see you!  Where the hell is this place?”

Because I couldn’t find it.  Because it was a converted Brooklyn warehouse.  Because that’s what they do in Gowanas.  Because the cool Brooklyn warehouse hadn’t opened their doors up yet, because I got there a solid twenty minutes early, and couldn’t tell one warehouse roll gate from another, and had to accost a nice comedy lady on the street to figure out where your cool ass place was.

(You did have Anchor Steam at the bar, cool Brooklyn warehouse.  So, I suppose we’re good.)

But still.  Brooklyn, when you do these things with relative time, alert the rest of the borough.  Please?  Even us weird thirty year olds.  We are rickety creatures and need your assistance.  Think of it as community service.

We old people did come up with cranberry juice.

You owe us.

P.S. Go to Hot Tub with Kurt and Kristen.  It’s awesome.  It’s also here:


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