The Hipster Singularity

In Uncategorized on November 3, 2010 at 11:34 pm

This is how I reached the hipster singularity.  My roommate and I were discussing the discarded footage of Eric Stoltz as Marty Mcfly.

My Roommate:  its like he’s doing the same thing as fox, but it isn’t fix…really weird…its like if tom sellek had stayed indie back in the day instead of ford
me:  That would have just been wrong.
My Roommate:  well that almost happened you know
me:  I know.  It terrifies me.
My Roommate:  when they show pics of sellek in indie garb its just wrong
me:  Dude, you’re weirding my eyes.  Indy for Professor Jones.  Indie for little heard bands, and low budget movies about growing up in Wyoming.
My Roommate:  what?
me:  If yer talking about the archeologist it’s “Indy.”  If yer talking about music played at the Trash Bar, it’s “indie.”
My Roommate:  well thank you for the correction
me:  Sorry, you just frakked my brain.  I kept picturing Tom Selleck as a dude in flannel playing bass.
My Roommate:  lol..that would be funny
me:  …And then Courtney Cox would jump onstage, and they’d dance, and then they’d date even though Tom used to be her dentist and everyone would be skeeved out, and he’d blog about it, and…

And then the forces of nature that rule this universe skewed inward as the meta meta’ed itself from behind and the world itself became an internet meme, and got old and tired after a couple years, so everyone stopped using it, and then the universe would cease to exist entirely until a decade later when existence itself became retro.

…and that’s why I was late for work.

(Which would be a fair excuse if I hadn’t had that gchat at work.  Shhhh…they don’t know I do that.  Mostly because they don’t understand those dang fancy boxy countin’ machines.)

It’s too late now, but next year someone should go as Hipster Tom Selleck for Halloween and introduce themselves as “The Singularity.”

I get residuals if you get laid.

  1. Thanks for next year’s halloween costume!

  2. do you REALLY want residuals if someone gets laid because of that? like what form would those residuals take? wait, i don’t wanna know.

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