StayCation 5: I Live

In Uncategorized on November 11, 2010 at 2:10 pm

So, yeah.  I’m alive.  But I’m tired.

I did manage to convince my body to sleep past eleven.  Staying up until five will do that.  Even if I didn’t do anything you wouldn’t do.

Also, do I have to tack on another hour to my TV time for watching an episode of Doctor Who on my phone on the subway home?  I really don’t think that should count.

Please excuse my lackluster blogging efforts today.  I am friggin exhausted, and want for nothing more than jumping into the bath with a book.

For those concerned for my well being, given my evening’s activities, my night mainly consisted or sitting around with a beer, and babbling at people.  Sure there were the random spankings going on around me, and the occasional girl suspended from a rig I was impressed they were able to squeeze into the basement of a bar, but mainly it was people sitting around and talking the old talk.  I spoke in an Irish accent for a solid thirty minutes, and that is about the oddest thing you could say I took part in.

I did hold enough impromptu interviews that had I better sense of being this morning I could probably stroll out a long winded journalistic piece.  (One example quote: “I quit being a dom a few months ago.  There’s just no money in it anymore.”)  I remember questioning the guy who seemed in charge of the suspension rig over how he worked out balancing his subjects.  If it was more a feel than a science.

More than anything the whole place reminded me of my days back in the Swing Dancing scene. (I needed to be careful explaining this theory last night, as an omitted word would confuse terribly.)  Themed costumes, music, and activities with a circling collective, some steadfastly adhering to the meme, and others limping in, just enjoying the community aspect of it.  Same old hands keeping order, and same young kids making attempts at redefinition.  Same hierarchies, in fighting, and gossip.  The whole thing felt familiar, just with a different gloss on it.

The people themselves were kind and welcoming, and I’ll give them that.  But asked the question, would I go back, I kept thing of the standard Midwesterner’s reaction to New York.  “Fun to visit, but I wouldn’t really want to live there.”  Not my scene.  And even if it was, I don’t have the energy anymore to be in a scene.  Mark me as lazy, but it strikes as a lot of effort.  I also don’t own enough shiny clothing.

The Egan thing was cool as well.  And I do have a new concept for the novel after listening to her talk about structure, character and voice.


Thursday: Puppets are singing one-hit-wonders.  I have to see this.  I must make myself sane again, so I can see puppets. I am taking a bath for puppets.  (And that’s climbing the list as the weirdest sentence I’ve uttered.)

  1. Less snark than expected. But glad you had fun.

  2. I vote anything on the train that involves reading, video games, or watching tv does not count towards tallys. What else would you be doing on the train? Sleeping?

  3. […] 5. Character and voice are one. In the world of words. Not in the world of spankings. #Howdidshegetupthere […]

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