StayCation 7: Short Post

In Uncategorized on November 13, 2010 at 10:47 am

So, I write a lot.
Long babbles are my style.

But some can’t seem to bust through
The massive word wall.
My blog: Herculean.

As last night was a party
for Lisa’s birthday.
Let me say, belated: Yay!

But also, with that news said,
I can use this post
To recap for non-readers.

Below is my StayCation,
written as haiku,
But with hashtags. #liketwitter

I figure that will ease the pain.
Of those who tremble
Before large paragraphs.  #wuss

1. What could destroy our cartoons?
Syndication? No.
This art dissolves by itself.

2. The books themselves are enough.
The snowglobes say fuck.
DJ Dog Dick. Yeah.

3. Bergin makes the bell go ding.
There’s an “o.” A “u.”
And I got the host’s name wrong.

4. I fought with my sad banjo.
It longs to be picked.
That was a bad pun.  Sorry.

5. Character and voice are one.
In the world of words.
Not in the world of spankings.

6. Some have their hands in a sock.
He IS the puppet.
Creepy Dad has a fair point.

7. Went to Lisa’s fun party.
Then I went to sleep.
Then I wrote short poems. Like this.

So, hopefully, that helps you.
If long paragraphs
Undo your ADHD

Also, this meant, I got to write
A really short post.
That’s it.  I’m outtie, suckas!

(Sorry for the ‘suckas’ thing.
I love all you guys.
Except Kevin. He’s a dick.)

Saturday: This is it.  The last stop on my StayCation.  I’m not counting Sunday since I do have work on Monday.  It’s like the travel day on a regular vacation.  Which does mean tomorrow, I will probably be catching up on all the TV I skipped out on during the last week.  (Walking Dead!  Conan!)  But for my last night, I do have a couple plans.  I’ve been wanting to head over to pigeonhole since the exhibition went up.  A hedge maze of cardboard?  Yeah, I’m in.  The addition of Robin’s Egg Blue at seven only adds to the scene.  Then, up the way, at ten, Floating Kabarette.  Been meaning to go for a long time.  Mainly because, and God do I hope she’s still there, but they used to advertise about a girl who would give free haircuts all night at this thing.  To me, that put a nice cherry on top of the event.  If ya’ll can, it would be great to have company for the final bow of my little experiment.  So if you can come out, please do!


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